Vein Clinics of America

Vein Clinics of America is a national medical clinic that specializes in the treatment of vein issues in addition to other skin treatments. The company is headquartered in Downers Grove, IL with over 60 national locations.

They used a local copier dealer for copiers and Next Day Toner for printers (buy toner and service is “included”). This strategy resulted in an excess of toner stock at the clinics and produced unnecessary costs. Additionally, the client constantly replaced their printers and other vendors wanted them to replace all of their equipment when the leases were up.

FlexPrint healthcare solutions recommended a strategy that allowed for the least amount of device replacement compared to the proposals of four other vendors. We continued to provide a service-focused model in place of the former toner/hardware mindset. A hardware assurance guarantee was placed on printers and adjustability was added to the agreement.

FlexPrint is proud of the solid relationship that we’ve forged with the client over the past few years. By truly listening and responding to their unique needs, we’ve been able to continuously build trust with Vein Clinics of America.

Adding all new clinics to the new program and new CPP and GP opportunities.