Network Administration: Turning Mission Critical into Mission Possible

While some tasks may be necessary to maintain your business, they may not necessarily help you grow. Maintaining your IT network is a good example.

To make sure that your workplace keeps consistent levels of productivity, it’s important to monitor each and every component of your network. However, this scrutiny and diligence require an investment of time and manpower that could be better spent on activities more central to your business. Expansion of your business offices or offering could create new IT challenges, requiring you to devote even more resources to overseeing your IT network.

With our Network Administration service, you can relieve yourself of these hassles and headaches. CBE can monitor your IT network and address issues before they create bigger problems for you. You’ll be able to focus your attention and resources on the tasks that optimize your productivity.

Features of Network Administration

Network administrators first assess how your infrastructure is currently functioning by going through the following process:

Gap Analysis – we start with an analysis of all the systems in your environment. From firewalls, servers, and computers the goal is to look at the entire infrastructure, how it is connected and how this aligns with our standards.

Best Practices / Standardization – we take the information gathered on the Gap Analysis and build out an action plan to implement our best practices and standardizations we feel hold importance. Our team will also build a timeline and a budget plan.

System Audits – beyond analyzing, building a plan and implementing network infrastructure we continue to audit the system monthly. Typically, these reports are built and delivered to our customers on a quarterly basis through our vCIO.

We can also offer cloud-based infrastructure, on-premises hardware, or a hybrid configuration to provide the best solution for you and your budget.

Interested in Learning More

We can provide you a personalized assessment to help manage your IT more effectively. Whether you are looking to upgrade, lower cost, streamline, or secure — CBE has a solution that fits your needs.